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Welcome to Live Life Creations. 

Bespoke handcrafted items from a local family business.
We create timeless and beautiful personalised gifts that will provide special memories for years to come. Designed and handmade from our workshop in Bristol.

Make a living doing what you love.

I have always worked long hours in high profile jobs and not spent enough time with my family. I have always been passionate about arts and crafts right from an early age as a young girl of 3 spending her whole life at the local ballet school, to going to arts and crafts workshops and fairs with my mum.

I finally had a light bulb moment and thought why dont I try to make a living from something I love doing and also enabling me to spend quality time with my family and hopefully pass on some of my passion for arts on to them.

Every penny that you spend in this shop really does make a difference and enables me to do my dream job, spend quality time with my family and for my 2 children to have their mother around more.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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