Finding your niche

So….I had made my first paper flower. I was so excited that day I made a flower from every die that I owned. If i’m completely honest some of the roll up ones, like the lovebird roses were the trickiest. I would spend all of my time cutting them out, using up the cardstock or felt (yes felt because that also works well in this machine) and then I would roll it and initially think I had done well. Then I took a step back and actually examined it, it looked like something my 6 yr old daughter had done so those took a bit more work.

I was so proud of these small flowers that I made, I went round showing all my family. They all seemed impressed. But hey!! they were my family they probably felt obligated. Later on that afternoon, I was talking to my sister-in-law and she said that she had been looking at paper/card flowers that day too. Only much bigger ones. Ones that you could hang on a wall as a display feature. She showed me some pictures and they really were beautiful. I could not believe that such a pretty wall display could be made from simply some card.