My Sizzix Big Shot

….and i made it to purchasing my very own Sizzix Big Shot Plus Die Cutter. Today I will be giving you some insight into some die cutting tips.

But what now…. I was suddenly hit with an overwhelming urge or anxiety. I had spent all of this money on a die cutting machine and i didn’t know what to do with and i didn’t even know where to start. Was i just being impractical, could i really do this, could i pull it off. Did i really have what it takes to craft things that people might actually want to buy. All these uncertainties

Or was it just going to be another one of those crafting one minute wonders, where i spend all this money, use it once or twice and then it sits in the loft gathering dust.

No… Stop thinking like that i told myself. I had brought this for a reason and i owed it to myself and my family to give it the very best shot that i could. So i decided there and then to push those doubts out of my mind and just get on with it.

Luckily when i brought it i brought a package deal. It was the Big Shot Plus Starter Kit My Life Handmade #2 and with it came with a whole range of items